The CarboNix Triple Phase Treatment uses jets of air and dry ice powder to freeze dust mites in mattresses and under carpet. The jets also loosen the dust triggers, which are then vacuumed away. We will, at the customer’s option, use our patented process to apply an essential oil that will slow the regrowth of dust mites.


CarboNix is changing how asthma and allergy sufferers can avoid their triggers. We provide customers important information about the amount asthma triggers in their homes, then the Triple Phase Treatment achieves broad-spectrum allergen removal.

Allergen Content Testing

Healthy Living Indoors

  • We bring our service to the places you live and work. For those with severe allergies or asthma, it can be vital to take measures to avoid your asthma triggers. The Triple Phase Treatment is designed to help you do this quickly, using our clean, dry, environmentally friendly process.
  • Homes and apartments: Today, people nowadays live most of their life indoors. Let CarboNix assess the triggers in your home, and treat any carpets, mattresses, or furniture that puts you at risk.
  • Offices and work spaces: Clean, healthy workspaces improve employee productivity, reduce work days lost to illness, and save money. We are currently treating multi-story buildings, up to six floors.
  • Public spaces: Schools, day care centers, libraries, and other public spaces can be allergen repositories. Let us measure your trigger levels, and then you make the choice about our cost-effective solution.
  • Assisted living: Senior citizens can be at higher risk of respiratory ailments than the younger population. CarboNix provides a great way to rid your facility of asthma triggers.

Carbonix Customer Services

  • Testing: CarboNix offers all its customer a measurement of the level of asthma triggers in their home. We gather dust samples from everywhere around the home: carpet, mattresses, and furniture in every room where there is a concern. We also count the dust mite population. With this information, patients can consult their doctor about the need to follow up with steps to avoid triggers. 
  • Treatment: Our service vehicle comes to you. We kill dust mites and remove allergen triggers using only air, dry ice, and strong vacuum. The process is dry, safe to people and fabrics, and you can immediately put your space back in use.
  • Dust mite prevention: These 
  • Spot and odor treatment: Stains and pet smells may not be harmful but if you ask, CarboNix is happy to add in a dry, odor-free step to freshen up any problem areas.
  • Follow-up: CarboNix will follow up with periodic environmental assessment and treatment.

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