What does the CarboNix Triple Phase treatment do?

The CarboNix treatment removes asthma and allergy triggers from the home. The triggers reside on dust that accumulates on, and inside carpets, mattresses, and upholstered furniture. The Triple Phase Treatment also freezes and kills the dust mites that produce one of the potent allergens. Dust mites live just beneath the surface in carpets and mattresses, and so continually generate particles that trigger asthma and allergy. By killing the dust mites and interrupting their life cycle, the return of these allergens will be greatly delayed.

Does the Triple Phase treatment prevent or cure asthma?

No, there is no known cure for asthma. CarboNix does not claim that its treatment will prevent all asthma attacks. However, all doctors recommend that their asthma patients take measure to avoid the asthma triggers. Our studies, funded by the National Institutes of Health, indicate that the Triple Phase Treatment will lower the levels of several indoor allergens that are known asthma triggers.

How do I know about my asthma triggers?

Your doctor can provide advice about how to identify your asthma triggers. CarboNix does not provide medical advice. However, the company can sample dust from your mattresses, furniture, and carpets and report to you the amount of asthma triggers in your home. This is important information that you can share with your doctor, who can then advise you about how to avoid your triggers.

Will my carpets also be clean?

The Triple Phase Treatment removes dust and dirt with a combination of a dry gas spray and vacuuming. If requested, CarboNix will also use professional products designed to remove stains and pet odors from carpets, mattresses, and upholstered furniture during the process of removing the allergy-causing dust.

How long does it take my carpets to dry?

The Triple Phase Treatment is completely dry. Your carpets, furniture, and mattresses can be returned to service immediately, with no waiting. 

Does the treatment damage my carpets?

No. Testing by an independent carpet industry laboratory shows that the CarboNix process does not cause any additional wear to carpets.

Does the CarboNix process leave any odors?

No. The active materials in the treatment are air and dry ice powder (carbon dioxide powder). These have no odor, and also the air and carbon dioxide gas are immediately vacuumed outside of the home. Our stain and odor cleaning aids have no odor. However, CarboNix has patented technology that allows us to apply a thin layer of essential oil to prevent the re-infestation of dust mites. This is done at the customer’s request. The essential oil will have its natural odor.

How does the CarboNix process work?

The process uses a spray nozzle that jets air and dry ice particles onto the surface being cleaned. The spray dislodges the dust particles, which are instantly vacuumed away outside the home. The dry ice temporarily freezes the carpet or mattress, which kills the dust mites. The items return to room temperature in a matter of minutes, and the process is completely dry. 

Is the process safe?

Yes. Carbon dioxide is the gas that humans exhale when we breathe, and it is present at low levels in the air that we breathe. Carbon dioxide is also the gas that carbonates our beverages. CarboNix employees use personal monitors to make sure that the level of carbon dioxide gas in the home remains far below levels that cause concern. 

Doesn’t carbon dioxide cause global warming?

Carbon dioxide is indeed the gas that causes global warming concerns. However, CarboNix uses “recycled” carbon dioxide; that is, we capture carbon dioxide that has already been produced in industry, and which would go to the atmosphere anyway. CarboNix uses the same carbon dioxide suppliers that provide gas to the carbonated beverage industry, and to other users.

History and Organization of the Company

What is CarboNix LLC?

CarboNix is an early-stage company that has grown out of research conducted at the University of South Carolina. CarboNix is commercializing its patented technology to reduce the level of “indoor allergens,” substances that accumulate in carpets, bedding, and furniture and that trigger asthma and severe respiratory allergies.

Who runs CarboNix?

The Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Allan Quick, an engineering alum of the University of South Carolina who retired as a Senior Vice President of AT&T and who was CEO of the first tech startup ever to emerge from the College of Engineering and Computing. The Chief Technology Officer is Dr. Mike Matthews, a chemical engineering professor who has been at South Carolina for over 20 years. 

How is the university involved?

The University of South Carolina owns the patents that are licensed exclusively to CarboNix. In addition, USC owns 15% of the company.

Who is supporting the company?

CarboNix received startup help from the South Carolina Research Authority. Since then, CarboNix has been funded by scientific research grants from the state EPSCoR Office, and primarily by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Currently, CarboNix is commercializing its technology and conducting a scientific study funded by the NIH.

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